• CurateCurate seamless learning environments
  • LaunchLaunch and put content in motion so people can help you promote through sharing, posting, and liking content.
  • EngageEngage with people around topics that they want to learn about -- whereever they are
  • Monitor and MeasureOnce content has been put in motion find out where it goes, what people are saying about it, and determine if it's supporting your goals.

Branded learning environments help organizations engage with alumni and customers around their affinity points.


I have been struggling for some time on how to fully engage today's students who now receive most of their information from the web. The traditional lecture format has clearly lost favor without web based supplement. Thearit gave me a vehicle to seek out and present short videos to my class that complemented my lectures and raised their interest in attending. Most importantly, Thearit allowed me to make sure my students were getting accurate information from the web. There is a wealth of material "out there", but its accuracy varies greatly.
— Jim Hancock, PhD Michigan State University Horticulture Professor
The Thearit platform is extremely flexible and will be an integral component in many of the College's endeavors involving distance education, alumni engagement and international collaboration.
— Rob Malinowski Director - Information Technology Center, Medical Media, Informatics and Educational Technology at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University
Thearit is a great platform for multimodal collaboration. The ability to curate and share on a web-based platform is quite unique and allows for rich conversation and story collection and presentation.
— Leigh Graves Wolf, PhD Program Director for the Master’s in Educational Technology program at MSU.
The Thearit is a great platform to work with. Our project was looking for a friendly yet powerful solution. We found both attributes on it. We have been using it for almost a year, and the system is very stable and reliable. We recommend it. If you are interested in video intensive environments for learning purposes, you will not be disappointed with Thearit.
— Pericles Gomes, PhD Universidade Positivo, Brazil Professor with dual appointment with the School of Design and the School of Architecture. AWIN project member.

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